Uttam Mohanty is the only star in the Oriya cinema horizon to have been at the top for nearly two decades, dominating the Oriya film industry throughout the 80’s and 90’s. His popularity has been undeniable. Many critics and fellow actors and seniors have often expressed in public podium that during the commercially dry days of early nineties of Odia Cinema, when the Odia film industry was under heavy financial stress, it was Uttam Mohanty’s single-minded efforts and charm to lure in the audience to Odia cinema which saved the day. His contribution is acknowledged by one and all in Oriya film. He has won many Odia film awards and prizes as a best actor. A number of societies and institutes have honored him as a living legend of Ollywood cinema.

  • Jayadeb Award in 1999 (“The Jayadev Award” is a special award given to a film personality for outstanding contribution to the growth and development of Oriya cinema).
  • Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award in 2006.
  • 5th FITFAT Biscope Award in 15th Dec 2008.
  • Odisha Living Legend Award in 2012.
  • Awards from Citic Association, Chitrapuri, Banichitra, Chalachitra Jagata.
  • Odisha State Film Award (The Odisha State Film Awards have been conferred by the Department of Culture of the Government of Odisha, India. This award given for excellence in cinematic achievements)Odisha State Film Award for Best Actor
    Year Film
    1982 Phula Chandan
    1983 Jheeati Sita Pari
    1984 Danda Balunga
    1988 Suna Chadhei

    Odisha State Film Award for Best supporting Actor

    Year Film
    1991 To Binu Anya Gati Nahin

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